Simple Guidelines

Let us be honest… we really can’t keep up with all the “Rules” that need to be applied to a large scale site such as Tides of War ( We believe in the KISS Method.. which is “Keep It Simple Stupid” … we like that So lets do that..

Guidelines – Kiss Method

Be nice, respectful, and let the ‘other’ guy have fun also. Don’t flame the fire… help out where you can, offer suggestions and solutions when you see an area we might improve on. Please leave ‘Drama’ and “Real World”  behind and immerse yourself into the gaming environment. Relax and have fun!

Tides of War (ToW) offers/provides many different Services and Features, as well as a host of different Social Media platforms that we simply cannot keep up with it all. ToW is a non-profit site operating with all volunteer staff and support groups. You use our site “as is” and without guarantees. You agree to abide by our rules, and we reserve the right  to change those rules without notices of any type. Of course we do our best to make announcements and try to  keep our community up to date concerning all our rules and conditions of use. Thus we may not have everything covered in print or readily available for public view however you can follow the spirit of things by just being a nice guy.. Please.

For those of you who just have to have ‘detail’, then you can find such within our “Tides Guide Menu” listed on the right column of this section.

Thank You and have fun!

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