ToW Archive

Tides of War has a long and rich history on the internet. It was founded on September 27, 2002. Originally, Tides of War started as a website known as “Red Tides”. This was a “virtual” community for players of the online game Iron Wolves. Iron Wolves was the brain child of Alan Lenton who also programmed the game Federation II. Iron Wolves had a dedicated fan base who one day found their beloved game turned off. A group of players, Tbar being one of them, decided to found the website Tides of War in a venture to rebuild Iron Wolves. Throughout the years, Tides of War has been a virtual foundation for many gamers around the world. It can even boast it was the official support site for the PC game, Enigma Rising Tides

After suffering some recent server issues, Tides of War has been rebuilt from the ground up. In the process, we would like to continue to recognize the legacy of Tides of War by offering our users to take a stroll through memory lane. Our past forums, topics, and post are available for all to see in our online archive.