Support Tides of War

We’re happy you are interested in supporting Tides of War! There are many ways to support Tides of War, not just with donations. While we are a non-profit, we believe that people can contribute to our community in more ways than just using paypal to send donations. So, we have created this section to explain some of the things you can do to help support our community.

TeamSpeak Moderation

Tides of war runs our community teamspeak for the majority of our voip communications. We are constantly looking for people who have knowledge of how to moderate/administer teamspeak.

Forum Moderators

Tides of War runs our community groups and forums. Our groups each have their own custom forums attached and we are looking for moderators who wish to be active and help moderate our community forums.

Paypal Donation

We always appreciate anyone who contributes to our community. We currently do accept any generous amount you are willing to make to help our community.

Facebook Manager

We are looking for someone who knows how Facebook pages/groups work. The purpose of this position is to help our Facebook community know what's going on at Tides of War as well as post news related to games we play.

In Game Admins

From time to time our community runs gaming servers. We are constantly looking for regular server players in different time zones that wish to help keep our servers safe for all players.

News Editor

Tides of War does publish our news section on games our community is interested in. We are looking for an editor who will be responsible for publishing news that is submitted by news contributors as well as the editor his/herself.

Twitter Manager

Tides of War does have a Twitter page and like our Facebook Manager, we are looking for someone to take control of our Twitter account for the purposes of advertising our community and news to our followers.

News Contributor

News contributors are trusted sources of gaming/news information that have the ability to send news to Tides of War. The news is then checked by our news editor and published.

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