Tides of War has a no-nonsense policy – we want our members to enjoy their gaming experience free from harassment, abuses, or other non gaming distractions.

Please note that our forums are actively moderated by a team of volunteer staff and our Jabber chatroom’s are logged. What is import is that we ALL have fun and enjoy our community here at Tides of War. So let us present our way of behavior here at Tides in general .. and then in more detail (fine print). In all areas of the Tides Community and Services, please apply the following for Code of Conduct (CoD), Terms of Service (ToS),  Privacy,  and Policies.

Code of Conduct (Short CoC):

  1. Let the other guy enjoy his time here. The use of defamatory, abusive, threatening, harassing, sexually offensive or racially offensive language is not cool.
  2. Foul language is just not needed, we have young boys and girls here ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to tip your hat and be polite.
  3. Avoid discussion concerning real life world events, politics and religion. Our community is for escaping into an alternative reality, alternate history and/or pure historical environment.
  4. Please do NOT use images that would be offensive to our audience, apply rule 1 and 2 to any images you want to use
  5. Don’t cheat, steal, copy, or imitate or misrepresent yourself.

Terms of Service (Short ToS):

  • We reserve the right to ban you from our site, in part or in whole, using whatever methods legal.
  • We give no guarantee to access and/or use of our site, in part or whole.

Polices (Short Policy):

In short we have few. You can read the fine print of course. Our main policy is the proper treatment of our members, respect for their privacy and rights.

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