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Task Force Admiral

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    Microprose is back!

    <h2>Features list</h2>

    • As an Admiral, command legendary American carriers task forces in 1942
    • Innovative approach to serious wargaming in a full 3D simulation-based environment
    • Pausable real-time, time compression available, no clickfest
    • The most detailed & authentic WW2 naval command game ever made for PC
    • A powerful in-game narrative engine managing scripted & random events
    • Lead the US Navy in 30+ historical & hypothetical single scenarios
    • Over 90 classes of ships and 40 types of aircraft meticulously researched & recreated
    • Accurate real-life ship, aircraft camouflages & markings
    • Advanced realistic ballistics and damage modelling
    • Play it the way you like it: fully customizable realism & difficulty settings
    • High-level of sound immersion, dynamic original soundtrack
    • Post-battle replay player & full scenario builder included

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