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Tides of War: General Navy Games

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  • Wolfpack update on their facebook page:

    `Hello everyone!

    This week we have finished work on the electric motors. This includes fixing bugs, tuning variables and adding sound effects. We have also modified the EOTs to incorporate the much requested dive command, and added new lights to the control room and diesel room. Next week we will be…Read More

  • War update:


    The Japanese have landed troops at Port Moresby, slipping by my submarine screen, as well as Milne Bay and Santa Cruz.  I have thwarted repeated Japnaese efforts to reinforce those positions.  At least three convoys were completed wiped out after repeated attacks.  I have landed more troops on Guadalcanal, with a count of 7,400+ tr…Read More

  • Yes, as the US torpedoes were rampantly known for.  You have to try and make sure the impact will be as close to a 90 degree hit as possible for the best outcomes.  Also, the torpedoes run straight out a certain distance before the gyro setting kicks in and turns the torpedo.  I have also had one encounter with one of my torpedoes doing a ci…Read More

  • @jester ah nice so it simulates the torpedo duds during the war also?


  • Refocusing my strategy as I may have landed on Guadalcanal too early.  I decided to start building up the base on Rennell Island, south of Guadalcanal.  That will lessen the distance my forces and supply ships need to transit to transport necessary troops and supplies.  Thet battles have been ramping up.  Japanese battleships are making an app…Read More

  • Yes, they’ve done some small patches.  I’m still learning things with the campaign mode but so far so good.

    There are some inaccuracies that I’ve seen so far.

    • Japanese sonar in early war
    • Japanese depth charge depths
    • All merchants are armed…so can’t really conduct surface attacks with submarines

    I’d like to see other nations represented…Read More

  • @jester it seems like it is a mix of RTS with simulation. Are they actively patching it?

  • The campaign continues…

    Sunk a few Japanese submarines via aircraft off the Enterprise.  Also had encounters with a Japanese cruiser force and one of my Gato class submarines.  Torpedo attack proved unsuccessful and the cruiser force sailed away rapidly.  However, I vectored Dauntless dive bombers to the location and succeeded in scoring di…Read More

  • Second attack coming to Port Moresby.  I launched a squadron of Avengers at the Japanese cruiser force but the torpedo attack failed to score hits.  (I learned that even though you tell them to attack, they won’t drop unless you tell them to open bay doors first.  You’d think that’d be part of the attack order).  Second flight armed with bombs hit…Read More

  • Started the US campaign yesterday.  I’ve taken the Santa Cruz islands and am working on building an air strip there.  A Japanese cruiser force bombarded Port Moresby.  I intercepted them later on with USS Gato.  During the engagement, I hit the Tone class heavy cruiser with 4 torpedoes which slowed it to a dead stop and put it out of action.  Thou…Read More

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