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    Hello Tides Community!
    We wanted to give you some information about the Teamspeak 5 that is currently in beta.
    According to the Teamspeak team, the Teamspeak 3 server will support Teamspeak 3 and Teamspeak 5. (source) This means that we will NOT need to re-install a new Teamspeak 5 server.
    Beta testers will be invited in multiple waves once known bugs and compatibility issues are fixed. We have reached out to Teamspeak to inquire how our community members can apply to help support the beta development. We will keep you posted when we receive a response.
    In the meantime, please have a look at this Youtube video that highlight some of the new features and looks of Teamspeak 5.

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  • Just to keep everyone updated, we did get a response from the Teamspeak team. Here is what they said:


    Thank you for your interest in TeamSpeak. Currently the beta is closed and only available for registered participants. As we work through our list of beta testers, new invites will be sent out to randomly selected beta registrants.

    Please note though that occasionally there will be a few codes posted on our social media.

    So please make sure to follow us across all platforms.

    Kind regards,

    Daniela Klenk-Grubbs

    Useful Links:
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