Our 10th Anniversary is here, and the Legacy begins. Star Trek Online: Legacy is live right now! Cryptic Studios is over the moon to present our Tenth Anniversary Celebration to our fans on PC starting today, and on Xbox One and Playstation 4 March 3rd. We’re excited to share all of the content in Legacy with you, some of which you’ve known about, some of which is brand new.

First up, a brand new, two part episode, The Measure of Morality. This episode returns Captains to Excalbia, from the Original Series episode “The Savage Curtain.” The Excalbians have decided to put on another test of Good and Evil, and your characters will play a major part in it. But you won’t be alone. Returning to the game for the first time since Delta Rising, Jeri Ryan portrays a Seven of Nine that’s different from any we’ve seen before. And for the first time ever, Sonequa Martin-Green joins the cast to bring Michael Burnham to life! These episodes are a love letter to the past and future of Star Trek Online, and we think you’ll love this jaunt down memory lane.

The Anniversary Event also comes with a major prize – the Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser. This new ship, the first to combine Federation and Klingon technology, is a sign of the peace that’s beginning to dawn across the galaxy. You can earn it by participating in the returning Omega Molecule Stabilization Event, by playing The Measure of Morality, or by participating in the brand new Task Force Operation, To Hell With Honor. Bring your starships to J’Ula’s shipyards on a distant moon, and battle one of the largest enemies we’ve ever created in the game.

The Borg are a huge part of STO’s history, which is why, for the anniversary, we’re giving you a chance to assimilate their technology for your own. The Borg Lock Box offers Hugh’s ship, upgraded for a new era, as the Borg Juggernaut. It also contains new powers for your Captain, like the ability to assimilate enemy ships and bend them to your cause. On top of that, we’re adding a favorite Task Force Operation of the last few years, The Mycelial Realm to regular TFO rotation, for you to play any time.

It’s a bold new world out there, Captains. Go out and claim your Legacy.

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