• Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause item names to not appear in various stores.
  • Duty Officer Pack Updates:
    • Removed the Reinforcements pack from the Duty Officer tab
    • Changed the price of the Gamma, Delta, Romulan, and Fleet Duty Officer Packs to 300 ZEN
    • Added an Uncommon and Rare Duty Officer to each of the 4 themed packs mentioned above so they give out 4 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare along with their bonus item.
      • These have a chance for a higher quality so you should never see more than 4 common and you should always get 9 Duty Officers total.
    • Moved the bonus prize in the Gamma pack of 4 fleet modules out and replaced it with the Tuffli Class Freighter.
    • Removed the 4 Fleet Module Rewards from the Delta Pack which increases the chance at winning the traits as a bonus reward.
    • Created a Duty Officer bundle which has 1 of each of the 4 themed doff packs in them for a discounted price.



  • Removed the EC cost associated with altering the Name and Registry of player starships.

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