Dear friends,

We’re glad to report that update 4.004 is released. The main additions of this one are a new tank for Tank Crew – Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.D “Panther” – and improved look and additional airfields for Rheinland map (Battle of Bodenplatte). There are many other fixes and improvements as well:

1. Pz.Kpfw. V Ausf.D “Panther” for Tank Crew;
2. Better looking river and canal banks on Rheinland map;
3. 13 new airfields on Rheinland map:

  • Le Culot East (Y-10)
  • Kluis (B-91)
  • Mill (B-89)
  • Helmond (B-86)
  • Amsterdam-Schiphol (B-97)
  • Arnhem-Deelen
  • Soesterberg
  • Strassfeld
  • Strassfeld 2 – Odendorf
  • Hilversum
  • Diest (B-64)
  • Nivelles (B-75)
  • Bierset–Liege (A-93)

4. 4K quality exterior textures made by Martin =ICDP= Catney added for Yak-1 series 69;
5. The better-looking transition between the river and sea waters;
6. Improved Т-70 tank model and textures;
7. Updated texture cache system, it should reduce stutters in heavy load MP missions significantly;
8. Brightness and size of very distant aircraft LODs made more uniform (it differed too much on some aircraft);
9. Added initial support for SimShaker to be used in conjunction with JetSeats and other audio powered feedback devices.

AI improvements
10. Ground attack aircraft won’t hit the ground when engaging a target with rockets and guns in a tight formation;
11. AI-controlled B-25 starts the engines correctly;
12. AI fighters attempt Immelman maneuver only if they have enough speed;
13. AI fighters open fire more aggressively;
14. AI pilots keep formation on large maps much better;
15. AI vehicle column won’t drive into a river if the last waypoint was on a destroyed bridge or immediately before it;
16. Assault guns (simple and detailed) correctly face a target when set to LOW command priority in the mission;

Aircraft improvements
17. P-51, P-47 and P-39 have correct trimmer animations;
18. A-20 engines won’t trigger wrong overheat messages;
19. Wrong engine overcooled messages on P-47D were corrected;
20. P-51 landing gear covers shouldn’t open and close again and again anymore;
21. Cylinder heads overheat warning will be displayed correctly;
22. Flying Circus planes won’t display a wrong message about engine failure when it is switched off;
23. The time it takes to switch to combat position and back has been corrected for all gunners;

Detailed tanks improvements
24. When the loader is killed, the time it takes to load the main gun or coaxial MG is increased significantly;
25. The visual effect of propellant gases is reduced when the exhaust fan is off or is not present;
26. The time it takes to vent the turret after the shot depends on the operational exhaust fan;
27. Detailed tanks won’t visibly ‘crouch’ at a high speed;

Other improvements
28. All night bombing Career missions with more than 6 planes in the flight won’t start in a map corner anymore;
29. Wrong ground attack German planes in the late Stalingrad Career chapters were corrected;
30. Duplicate ID error message in the dedicated server has been removed (it blocked the server, now it is visible in the console);
31. Correct season in the pre-mission hangar (Winter/Summer);
32. In Mission Editor it’s no longer possible to select a wrong part of a multi-part vehicle skin;
33. Daimler M1914 FlaK 77/L27 and Thornycroft J-type 13pdr AA shells appear in the correct place ().




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