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World of Warships Settings tweaks

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    Ahoy Captains!

    Just a few tweaks that you might be interested in that I thought you might be interested in.

    To get to the settings:

    1. Log into WoW

    2. Click on the two cog wheels in the upper left hand corner

    Click on Audio Settings

    Sound quality (High/Ultra)

    – I set mine to Ultra though I haven’t noticed a difference yet

    Voiceover modification

    – Set this to National Voiceover + (Now when you play a ship of a certain nationality, the commands and notifications will be in their language. Also, messages from other ships will reflect their national language as well. It’s a bit of an immersion factor.

    Enable Ship horns

    – Check this box and you will be able to use your ship’s horn (“N” key) and hear other ships horns.

    Click on Control Settings

    Terrain hit indicator – Set to ON

    Collision avoidance system – Set to ON

    Alternative Interface mode – Set to FULL

    Select Crosshair – Choose DYNAMIC

    Select show smoke screen boundaries

    Select show smoke screen timer


    Good suggestions! I love the horn one. I had no idea the game even had this.

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