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ToW 1st Fleet – Final Build Msg 1

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    To: ToW 1st Fleet ( Federation )

    From: HQ (Tbar – Armada Leader)

    As of this date (May 15 2020 Friday) we are 2/3 of the way to completion. It can be completed by the end of the next week coming on or before May 25th. This is the final build for ToW 1, it will now be level 85 with full amenities. !! Yes.. finally.. all done.

    We need your help getting the Luxury Provisions we still need which in about 100k of 300k needed. This is why we ask that you do the Colony World puzzle 2x per day. That will give you 500 Lux to donate and that also gives you those fleet marks for fleet credits 🙂 Another way you can really help out is to try and get into a Simulation.. Colony World Invasion Simulation. Its fun once you know what to do. If you do 2 complete rounds you will have 4200 Ore, Bats, and Lux. All of that can be donated to our fleet… then to the ToW Fleet Armada Members ( Always ToW first! ). If you like something different now and then.. as well as fun.. hook up the in game channel called: FedSim Join that channel and just watch listen. Its not busy all the time.. but when it is.. then sims are going on. Sat at noon to 2pm EST is when I see that channel start to get busy.. and I go. We can do our own.. but seems like no one is ever interested. Come with me if you are given the chance. Yes… its ground, but fun ground. Level 15 stuff will work.. don’t need to be epic and all that.

    Some of you will receive this mail more than once because you have a toon on ToW 1 and this system of Arc’s will send this “Fleet Mail” to every toon at the @handle. Dumb .. but the way it is.

    There will be a great change once ToW 1 completes the final build.. that change also affects the Fleet Members as well as the Armada. All for the good I might say, however individuals may want to transfer to other ToW Fed Fleets within the current Armada so they can take advantage of our system and the way the Dil discounts apply. Its a good thing.. the only hard thing will be you making choice 🙂 More on this after we have some input from current ToW 1 Members.

    Much more later. Please.. make sure if you have been away for a while.. get up to speed read all the latest mails so the timeline is right 🙂



    Armada Leader

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