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STO – Fleet/Aramada Community Contact Letter

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    Salutations! ( @rhblueflame, @seinar#9843, and @skullshot117 )

    I am looking for communities such as yours for a host of reason but specific at this time to STO we are looking for ways to keep our coms and members active and engaged. New Things, Fun Events, Education, TFO’s, etc.

    These things we want I am told may be the same as some of your goals.

    I would introduce to you the gaming community of Tides of War

    This community has been active and well known in many circles for 22 years now. The community is Governed by a “Club” that elects officers. Our Star Bases and Armada’s are NOT owned by an individual, but by our community. In this way the ‘community’ can replace a Fleet CO without problem should they retire or disappear. thus our SB’s survive over time. Our Main original fleet Tides of War 1St Fleet was formed the fist week the game was open to the public. We are active Fleets and Armadas both Fed and Klink.

    We are NOT a meat processor with hundreds of active players and so forth. We like a smaller more manageable group that does not require one to have a ‘job’ to keep up with the management/leadership roles.

    I would like to meet with you guys via Team Speak if possible just to say hello and establish the contact and hopefully …. the start of a long time friendly, productive and fun relationship.

    No hurry, but would love to explore the possibilities. I have a busy schedule but I do find time every nite to at least check the Fleet. I am EST Time, Orlando, Florida.



    STO Contact: tbar@Duke_Tbar or @Duke_Tbar

    ToW Club President

    Team Speak: addy can be as simple as ToW

    No pass, no guards at the gate. We have a registered/lic TS Server, we own it.

    Discord: ( FYI: I dont’ use discord much )

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