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    Tides of War does NOT have Ranks. We do have a ‘ranking’ system on the forum to simply indicate how active a member is with posts/replies.*

    Clubs and/or Clans may have Ranks. Those ranks mean something to the club but have nothing to do with Tides Membership in general.

    Members, depending on level, may be able to assign their own ‘Title’ and insert a ‘rank’ in the title, but it has nothing to do with Tides of War

    Members sometimes insert ranks in the signature area, but again that has nothing to do with Tides of War.

    Rank is a silly thing for Tides members, we are all equal and our own person, but those that do like to use a ‘rank’ .. so be it

    *Rank is used by the board (forums) to indicate how active a person is on our forums. It does not indicate how long they been a member but simply the number of posts etc. We have considered on many ocassions to removing rank altogether. After every discussion we genreally agree its a nice way of know how active a member is and how much they contribute to the community by making input.

    If you have a better thought for ‘post activity’ and how to present it, please let us know.

    Tides of War

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