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    Open Topic is for members and visitors to talk “off topic”, which pretty much means NOT about games and clubs, however if your topic fits best here, so be it ! 😉

    Open Topic does not mean you do not have to following posting rules – All Tow CoC and Polices still apply, remember we have young youth at our home .. so no off color remarks or comments please. G and PG ratings 🙂

    Open Topic does not mean you can use four letter words (you know what we mean #### !).

    Topics of Politics and Religion have huge sites and boards all over the net, it’s not really appropriate here on Tides of War, please avoid/refrain from those type of topics.

    Almost any topic or reply that creates a ‘flame war’ type of situation will be deleted.

    Have fun, keep it clean …..


    Tides of War

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