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Tides of War is a non profit organization that survives on the generosity of our users and members. Without your support Tides would cease to exist. Please consider a donation that fits your budget and situation. We ask that you donate any amount you feel Tides of War is worth to you each month. Tides of War consistently strives to provide our members and users with the most enjoyable and complete gaming experience available. As part of that goal, we use dedicated, top of the line servers. The result for you is lower ping, more game servers, more player slots, more game types, advanced mods, and custom maps. Such advantages, however, come at a price…and it’s not cheap. If you enjoy playing on our servers, then please consider donating toward the cost of keeping them running. All of the funds that we receive go directly toward supporting Tides of War and providing the game services you enjoy. You can make a one time PayPal donation or setup a repeating monthly donation, which you can cancel at any time. The PayPal donation links are completely secure and simple to use… even the smallest donations help us keep our servers running.

One Time Donation/Subscription

**Tbar Company is the parent company for Tides of War and the credit card processing agent for all Tides of War Donations

Here is a partial list of what your contribution helps support.

Community Game Site
We are constantly upgrading the site with bigger, better and faster services.

Our ToW Servers are hosted at Digital Ocean a professional data processing facility.
On occasions maintenance cost are incurred.

Game Servers
Check the forums for IP numbers and current list of servers operating.
Games are turned on and off depending on member use, etc.

Team Speak
Our Team Speak Server is available to all members.
Dial in ‘’ as the IP address (no IP number or port number needed) and bingo your in!
You do NOT need to register or have a password to have fun with your fellow Tides Members on TeamSpeak.
Who knows, you might just find some new friends!

Our Forums are the heart beat of our Community!
We take great pride in our forums;
Our members and staff are second to none!
Professional and well run, informational and fun!
Game Reviews, Book Reviews, Movie reviews that all concentrate on the battle front.
With a fine paint job and polished brass, our forums look great also!And much much more!