SWOTR Game Update 6.1.4 is Live!

Game Update 6.1.4 is now live! Included in this update is our new seasonal event, the Feast of Prosperity. During the Feast, players will experience new Story Missions, Daily Missions, mini-games, rewards, and more! 

We’ve also broadly rebalanced Conquest objectives, and we’ve added a new tier of Augments for end-game players. Additionally, we’ve added a Legacy Ignore option so players can better curate their social interactions.

Feast of Prosperity

Over the years, the Hutt Cartel’s reputation has taken a hit. The once powerful organization no longer instills respect and fear. To restore the Cartel’s influence, two up-and-coming Hutts, Gaboorga the Abundant and Duuba the Magnanimous, are throwing the most lavish “charitable banquet” in history for the galaxy’s underprivileged. And if the Cartel happens to advance their business interests during the Feast, everyone wins! 

If Gaboorga and Duuba can cooperate, they could rocket the Cartel back into the upper echelons of the galactic underworld. But the Hutts’ conflicting priorities means they’re constantly undermining each other. Each week a new Story Mission will unlock to progress this storyline, leading to the climactic choice during the third and final week:  Gaboorga or Duuba? Only one Hutt can win, and the fate of the Feast of Prosperity is at stake. Choose wisely!

New Augments

A new tier of Legendary quality Augments at Item Rating 300 have been added to the game. The new Cybertech Schematics, used to craft these new augments, can be picked up at your local Crew Skill trainer. The schematics require two new materials, which are obtainable from Master Mode Operations and Ranked PvP.

Conquest Changes

The Conquest changes can be broken up into three categories: point rebalancing, new objectives, and level bracket changes.

  • Conquest points for a large number of objectives have been rebalanced based on the time to complete them, their complexity, the type of activity they are, their potential queue times, and their repeatability.
  • We’ve added new Daily and Weekly Conquest Objectives for more ways to achieve Conquest goals on more characters.
  • The level brackets for many objectives have been adjusted to create additional variety in our Conquests and to streamline the number of Conquest Objectives available for all players.

Legacy Ignore

Players will now be able to ignore another player’s entire Legacy, instead of one character at a time. This option will also prohibit any blocked players from entering your Stronghold, and any Stronghold keys owned by the ignored player will be overridden. The Legacy Ignore list is shared across a player’s Legacy.

Game Update 6.1.4 is now live! Be sure to speak to the Festival Criers scattered across the Fleet and pick up the introduction Mission for the Feast of Prosperity. The full patch note list for this update can be found here.


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