UBoat B128 Hotfix 4

Dear skippers,

A fourth hotfix to version B128 is now complete. It again fixes some of the most often reported issues.

Warm thank you as always for the sent bug reports and for posting your feedback.

This update is fully compatible in regards of saved game states with the previous version.

User interface:- Fix: Radio notification was remaining on the screen, if transmission stopped.
– Fix: After adding sailor to one of the teams in the management menu, some buttons there were previously on the bottom would appear on top of the UI.
– Fix: Decreased work performance notification was often stacking without need and was appearing when leaving to the menu.

Sandbox:- Further improvements that should prevent NPC groups from spawning too close. This could still occassionally happen, if enemy group was encountered when player was near NPC u-boats.
– Fix: Radio transmissions coming directly from the headquarters were never disappearing, while it was intended for them to last usually around 10 minutes. This was causing some issues, because side-mission message could be received days after it was intended to happen and the target could be already hundreds of kilometers away.
– Fix: Radio transmission could be transmitted for many hours, rather than as intended for around 10 minutes, if a high time compression was used.

Crew management:- Fix: After compensating the ballast in the compartments by blowing some ballast, another officer was automatically flooding the tanks back again.

General:- Background stories for recruits are now randomized in such a way to avoid repetitions.
– Sonar ping is audible more often.
– Time compression is now always disabled whenever something on the u-boat becomes damaged or any dialogue is started.


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