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This is Tides of War Gaming Community

Read it. Live it, Play it !
Emerge yourself into Themed Battle Stations! Air - Land - Sea - Space - Fantasy

This is Tides of War Gaming Community

Call of Duty - BattleField - World of Tanks

This is Tides of War Gaming Community

World of Warships - Pirates of the Caribbean - Silent Hunter

This is Tides of War Gaming Community

IL2 - Battle of Britan - FighterBase - World of Air Planes

Tides of War Gaming Community

World of Warcraft - Star Trek Online - Star Wars - Never Winter Nights
ToW News:
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  • Join the crew at Tides of War

    Tides of War are looking for volunteers to help maintain the areas of their website and servers.

    If you have skills in any of the following feel free to contact us:

    xHTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, Forum Moderation, Windows Servers, TeamSpeak, General Administration, Writers, etc...

    Our current staff lists the following members

    • Todd Markham - Owner, General Management, Forum Administrator, Website design, etc
    • Phil Dempster - Jabber Server & Forum Administrator
    • Jesper - Senior Server Administrator, Senior Forum Administrator & Webmaster
    • Joshua Jones - Publications Editor - Site System Administrator
    • Jerry Tribe - Air Marshall & Game Op
    • Zach Manes - Field Marshall & Game Op  - Retired
    • Brian Grider - Game Server Leader - Retired


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