The Ambush Update is here!


Dear Destroyer fans,

We would like to thank you for all the kind words regarding our last update. Since that time, we have been working on a new ‘ambush’ battle variant that should give you a new tactical perspective and make for a more search-oriented, slightly slower kind of gameplay. Here’s the most important changes that the new update brings into the fray:

  • New ‘ambush’ battle variant with a modified opening cutscene
  • Interview with our ASW expert (new content for the supporter pack)
  • Quality of life improvements and bug fixes on the DRT station (e.g. auto-plot now resumes instantly following change of scale)
  • U-boat dive/surface speed has been reduced
  • Air support is now more successful at suppressing U-boats

Of course, please do let us know how you like the new update! We are already working on the next one which will bring a major improvement in the depth charge system. This update is just around the corner and it will again introduce a couple of small fixes alongside the main feature that will make your depth charge drops more varied and deadly!

Please stay tuned for more, and, as always, happy hunting!

Artur Salwarowski
Destroyer Lead Designer
Iron Wolf Studio

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