Coming Soon: The Longest Night of Museums 2023
Neither Snow, Nor Curse, Nor Jundark at Night….
2023 Gaming Headsets: A Guide for Gamers
STO: Patch Notes for 12/14/2022
General:   Updated Memorial plaque to include Kirstie Alley.   Resolved...
STO: New Ways to Donate to Fleet Projects!
Captains – we launched a brand new feature on PC...
Q’s Winter Wonderland! The seasonal favorite from years past is returning once...

Support Tides

War on the Sea: Patch for Campaign Bugs

This is a silent fix as it only contains text data file changes, the version number still reads 1.08g7h2 for this build. MODDERS; you will only need to update/integrate the modified text data files if applicable. This fix addresses several

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The Ambush Update is here!

Dear Destroyer fans, We would like to thank you for all the kind words regarding our last update. Since that time, we have been working on a new ‘ambush’ battle variant that should give you a new tactical perspective and

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Dev blog #332

Dear Friends, Today we had a YouTube stream about the project: The text below roughly follows its highlights. We’ll be able to show you the stuff in development in the next Dev Blogs, while today we will give you an

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Update 2022.1: Patch 13

Dear skippers, There is a new patch available for 2022.1. It fixes some of the most common issues reported so far. Changelog: Localisation:- Japanese localisation update by Surumeika1987, Largo, [JP]AWPsan, 泥遊戯, Mononok Kori.– French localisation update by FvJ and Placebo.–

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