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Welcome Eagles Nest Fleet !


ToW Club President
Dec 20, 2005
Fleet Com #1 Jan 11, 2015

From: ToW Network (Tides of War Gaming Community)
To: Eagles Nest Fleet
Subj: Fleet Changes, New C/O and more. Welcome to Tides of War, Eagles Nest!

My name is Tbar, I am the new CO of Eagles Nest. Under separate cover I will send you more information as to the reason for a CO change. mark me as 'friend' and feel free to contact me at anytime.

Eagles Nest Fleet has a name change, we are now known as:    Tides of War III - Eagles Nest.

Why Tides of War III ? Because Eagles Nest has joined the Tides of War Network. Tides of War is a Gaming Community, it is not a clan. Specifically to STO, each fleet within the Network works independently yet shares resources that are both outside the game and  within the game.

In-Game you now have access to the ToW Channel. Arrangements have been made where you as EN (Eagles Nest) member merely need to "join" then activate that private channel on your "Fleet chat Tab". Now you will have access to the chatter and business, STF's and other activities you can freely join in on. A you now have a recruiting officer working the forums.. the space lanes.. and other areas for new recruits into your new fleet of Tides of War III.

Out of Game you now have access to the Tides of War Team Speak. The people there are 'very' friendly and nice. Clean Language, polite and mostly Adults. The IP info is:   no port number and no password is needed. You can move about freely. Look down the long list and you will see the STO area as well as a welcome room for ToW III - Eagles Nest

The "ToW Network" provides in game help for STO in many ways, here are a few:
Regular ship reviews - we look at your ship and send you game mail hints as how to make it better. If you have TS and can meet with one of our Ship Builders.. you will really move forward. Tips and Tricks, Notices of Events coming up, Messages of the Day both of the 'humor' type as well and important Info. Most importantly... is better to play with fun friends then go it solo. Southland Fleets both Fed and KDF have a joined

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ToW Ahrim

ToW Forum Admin
Nov 12, 2014
Welcome to the Tides of War Network everyone! :)

I'm Ahim, a member of ToWnet Staff but also a Staff Officer in Southland, which is another fleet connected to the Tides of War community. I and other Southland members also hang out in the ToW channel so I'm sure we'll see each other around.

TBar is right about TeamSpeak, it's a very friendly server - I do recommend popping on and saying hi. We're working on a more detailed and presentable TeamSpeak FAQ, but for now feel free to use this one here to get online with us.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.


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Tow Air Marshal

Active member
Feb 27, 2006
Welcome to the ToW III - Eagles Nest Fleet.

I'm a ToW Staff member responsible for the Air games. Although I am not an STO player, I can help with general ToW questions like TS3 and forums etc. If you see me around on Teamspeak come and say Hi.