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Star Trek Online Ground Combat Academy


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Sep 22, 2017
Being one of the rare few ground focused players, I noticed that many people shy away from ground combat and opt for space warfare. Nothing wrong with that, however much of the feedback I get is along the lines of "I don't understand how it works" or "The kit / module / skill / trait builds are confusing" as examples.  Hence I'm considering opening and running a weekly event that will be known as the STO-GCA (Star Trek Online - Ground Combat Academy) that will focus on everything you can think of including (but not limited to):

Trait / Skill Optimizations

Weapon / Armor / Shield (Upgrades, builds, damage types, etc)

Practice PVE's

Group or 1 on 1 coaching

Tactics (Solo / Group)

Kit / Kit Modules (optimize, synergize, vaporize)

Item Uses (Hypos, Energy Cells, Food / Drinks / Tribbles, etc)

Let me know what you think, and don't forget to follow my profile for consistent updates on everything STO!

~ Selah `

Supreme Commander of Star Trek Online