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Captain Data

TOW Space Marshal
Sep 30, 2012
If you open your status window (K) you will see - in the skills tab - the space and ground skills you have selected. We probably all did them without really knowing what we were doing. If you go to your personal status and click on "train officer" a window pops up with certain skills you can train your officers. They are different than those 300 - 600 or even 1200 dilithium bridge officers you can get. These skills are related to the skills you have selected in the Skills-tab (rank 6 training gives you certain skills). You will notice you can train bridge officers to certain tier III skills. Not only can you train your own bridge officers, but you can also train your fleet buddies' bridge officers.

You will need to trade officers - and you need to have an open slot to receive them. Go to the same instance and make the trade, train the officer and trade them back.

It would be helpful if we could learn from each other what skills we can train.

So, these are mine on the Klingon side.

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ToW Club President
Dec 20, 2005
Nice :)

But.. but.. I can't paint like you can :(


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