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      Team Speak   12/06/2017

      Team Speak can be accessed by the following address:   ts.tidesofwar.net  no port number needed, no password needed. Clan, Club and Group leaders will love this new feature where you can access our TS server by simply typing "tow" in the address line! Anyone can do it. It makes giving out the address or IP number a thing of the past because its actually Team Speak itself that converts that "nic-name" to our ip address. So even if we move or change IP's Team Speak will take you to the right server Tides Server.

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  1. FLH Election

    HELLO FLH! There is a vote out that we need your help with! Come vote for the new leadership. Vote Here:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pp9H44vYGF7l4EqZddGy3FUZ9QqDYkxpPpRzhg6Iw7s/edit

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