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Found 30 results

  1. Chaps One for the F6F boys TOW-AM
  2. Chaps Training in the SB2A4 Buccaneer here... http://youtu.be/6QFY84YUXhk TOW-AM
  3. Chaps The A20 Light Bomber training for you.... TOW-AM
  4. Chaps Fancy the TBF Avenger. Here's the proper training film... Gosling ToW-AM
  5. Gents Here is the original WW2 Training film for P47 Thunderbolt Pilots. Unbeatable for everyone. This is a 1 hour training film and covers the aircraft systems in detail. Operating the P-47: http://youtu.be/9KnwIYwEh6o it is divided up into smaller chunks. Pilot Familurisation: Ground Handling, Take-off, Normal Flight and Landing: High Altitude Flight and Aerobatics: Gosling ToW-AM
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