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    Combat statistic

    Using this and this you can end up with something like this. Now, for my personal use it's close to done although I'd like to add some graphs and possibly xml export. However, to make it usable to others there's quite a bit of work left to be done. If it gains enough interest I'm willing to put...
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    {Terrible Name} App

    Not surprising since I'm terrible with names ... Pic or stfu, right? Early beta I'd say. But maybe already useful. There's no signup/registration. Upon first visit you'll get an account ID. It gets written to cookie and that's that. So far tested in FF and Chrome on Win7. Bugs, questions...
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    E:D - The game

    Spent past few days looking at available info and listening to first hand experience (thx Data). Then today I've come accross this YT video that imo summs the game up nicely. So for me the decission is, potentially at some point but not right now.