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  1. Jester

    Destroyer: The U-boat Hunter

    Still in development but some demo footage from YouTube.
  2. Jester

    Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

    Ok folks! So...Odyssey launches for PC on May 19th. I'd like to know who will be getting it and maybe we can do some things together to learn the new things and make some millions together. As a community, we've been fairly quiet and we need something to bring us together. This is a very...
  3. Jester

    War on the Sea: Lessons learned

    Definately not a pro at the game but here are some tips and lessons learned that may help you out in the campaign. As often as you can, send scout planes around the areas of your island. In a submarine encounter where you are the attacker Best results occur if you have more than one sub...
  4. Jester

    War on the Sea

    Website: YouTube:
  5. Jester

    U-boot update!!

    Christmas Update! DECEMBER 23 - NIHILCAT Good evening everyone! It's nice to be back here with a regular update again. Furthermore, the time to sum up a whole year has come. The last period was the same as usual a hard-working, it's probably our lifestyle already  ;)  We tried to do...
  6. Jester

    Start-up operations

    Salute!  I'd really like to start getting into this more and get our corporation to be functional.  From what I've done so far, it is obvious that going at this solo is a hard path to go.  Many missions require at least another person to complete.   Dust off your ships and let's warm up the...
  7. Jester

    Getting started

    Just getting my feet wet in this.  They've made some good changes.  Still a lot that I don't know.  Some of the early missions require you to exit your ship and travel inside a structure.  i'm not sure I can do this in my fighters.  SO.....I was thinking that those of you with multi-crew ships...
  8. Jester

    Atlantic Fleet

    New turn-based naval game.  Graphics look good ...might check this out.
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  10. Jester

    Fleet Operations

    I'd like to start weekly fleet operations for the group.  We need to pick a good time for us all.  I will be out all this week on vacation, but the following week (2/29 onward) would be good.  Saturday might be best. My current ships: Basic Cutter w/12 pounders Navy Brig w/9 pounders Cerberus...
  11. Jester

    Randolph's Raiders - 1st Official ToW Flotilla for Naval Action

    ToW now has its first official Flotilla for "Naval Action".   Flotilla: Randolph's Raiders Home Port: Carriacou Alignment: British Flotilla Leader: Whitey Skill level required:  Newbie on up Come join us as a fellow Privateer to clear the seas of Pirates and enemies of Britain.  There are...
  12. Jester

    1st Official Naval Action Flotilla - Randolph's Raiders

    ** ALL HANDS READ THIS **   Randolph's Raiders is hereby declared as the 1st official ToW Flotilla.  All Captains should lay before the mast all requests to join the flotilla. As the Flotilla grows, new leadership positions shall open up.  Let it be known if ye has any interest in becoming a...
  13. Jester

    Any artists here?

    Was wondering if we had any graphic artists here to draw up a flag for our ships?  Who knows...maybe we'll get to incorporate it into the game later.
  14. Jester

    5 things you don't know...

    US Navy: 
  15. Jester

    Beyond Dark

    RTS and TBG combination.  Might be interesting...sounds a bit like Sins of a Solar Empire.
  16. Jester

    Steel Ocean

    Thanks Data for the find. :) Looks like the Chinese stole a lot from World of Warships, but it's another arcade style naval game option.  It  does have subs in the game, where WoWs does not.   YouToube review by iChase:
  17. Jester

    Naval Action

    I like the game concept and screenshots thus far but their website needs work methinks.  Let's see if this game comes to fruition.
  18. Jester

    Hangar Elevators Out of Operation

    :) Beware the use of elevators in your hangar after updating the launcher and game.  i got in one and went to the 2nd level.  It wouldn't let me out and when i went backwards, I fell out and drifted away in space.  Watched my hangar get farther and farther away.....  haha Had to exit the game...
  19. Jester

    Record kills

    For the 2nd time.  Random battle, killed 5 enemies.  Would have gotten carrier too (he was only one left) but we ran out of time.  I was in the mighty Kuma.  Bansai !!
  20. Jester

    Ship found 116 years later

    Video footage: