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  1. Kilroy

    general chat Guess who

    Scribbles something upon the wall ..
  2. Kilroy

    ToW:WoT is Recruiting!

    something is scribbled upon the wall ... KiLroY was here
  3. Kilroy

    The Story Of Kilroy

    Well.. in my era it was referred to as a whole machine gun belt in aircraft or 5o caliber machine gun belts we grunts used. If you gave them hell and all you had .. its was the full nine yards. Unfortunately.. it also meant at times getting the 'whole nine yards" Today most people think its a football term. Some say its origins are nautical in that it refers to the yards of the sail, other say its the load of a cement truck, etc and so forth. But.. we all know .. its a GI term
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  5. Kilroy

    About The FLH

    Oops.. we have an error. Guess we have to get this sorted. Sorry
  6. Kilroy

    Read My Story !

    Kilroy has scribbled something upon the wall....... Kilroy was here ..
  7. Kilroy

    New Layout

    Kilroy Was Here !
  8. Kilroy

    Remembrance Day

  9. Kilroy

    Admiral On Deck!

  10. Kilroy

    Any News On Multiplayer?

  11. Kilroy

    We Remember.....

  12. Kilroy

    A Real Story ...

    Check out my story .. simply visit my home site, my full WWII story is there .. use the link at the bottom of this page ! I'll bet you didn't even know...

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