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  1. Tides Of War - Department of the Army Recruiting Station If you would like to join the Tides Of War Army please read about the following clubs and battle-groups that are available here at the Tides Of War Community. At this time the Department of the Army is Call of Duty, World of Tanks, and Battlefield centric. Other games might be added in the future depending on popular demand. Tides Of War Army Battle-groups Current Active Groups ToW:WoT - World of Tanks ToW:WoT is a Tactical Battle-group in the game of World of Tanks. This group is open to ToW Club, FLH Club members, and to select non-members. To apply for the ToW:WoT please visit the ToW:WoT Forums or come to the Tides Of War Team Speak. Retired Groups - Not Active, forums however are still active ToW:BoF - Blind Old Farts - The Blind Old Farts Battle-group is ToW's Pro Sniper Group and participates in Call of Duty 2 and and Call of Duty 4 Pro Sniper Leagues such as the International Cyber Snipe League (ICSL). This is not a Run and Gun or fragging type of group. Mature Gentlemen. TS utilized. BoF is OPEN registration, you do NOT need to be a ToW Club Member to join. BoF has no double clan rules and accepts members from other clans. For more information on the BoF visit the BoF Forum or visit the Tides Of War Team Speak. ToW:QRF - Quick Response Force - The Quick Response Force is a Call of Duty 4 Tactical Realism Battle-group and is not a Run and Gun squad. QRF is participating in various Tactical Realism leagues such as the Realism 1 Tactical Realism League and the Tactical Realism Community League(TCL). The QRF is open to ToW Club and FLH Club members and to select non-members. To apply for the QRF please visit the ToW:QRF Forum or come to the Tides Of War Team Speak. ToW:WoE - Warriors of Europe - The Warriors of Europe Battle-groups is a squad of the ToW:QRF. WoE was established to give the European ToW Club and FLH Club members an opprtunity to participate in Tactical Realism leagues throughout Europe. This is not a Run and Gun squad either and follows the rules of the ToW:QRF closely. The WoE is open to ToW Club and FLH Club members and to select non-members. To apply for the WoE please visit the ToW:WoE Forum or come to the Tides Of War Team Speak. ToW:M - Misercorde - The Misercorde Battle-group is Call of Duty 4 Run and Gun oriented. Misercorde participates in the Cyber Athlete Amatuer League (CAL) and the Team Warfare League (TWL). The application process for Misercorde is a closed application process and by INVITATION only. Please visit the Misercorde Forum or come to the Tides Of War Team Speak.
  2. ToW_d3term1ned

    One of our BSS family members is ill.

    I don't know Coldfire but I wish him all the best and hope he has a speedy and successful recovery.
  3. ToW_d3term1ned

    What Grinds My Gears

    I was going to keep my mouth shut because it is/was already a heated discussion but i do have to say a couple of words. My name is Mike and I migrated to the US in 2000. I am as Tulla from Germany and I am living now in Dallas, TX. My wife is a US Citizen and was born here and I am still a German citizen. My wife is a US Army Veteran and I am a German Army Veteran and I am living in the US on a Green Card. We have both met while being deployed in former Yugoslavia. When I first read the post and saw what you wrote I was kind of shocked: "I believe that a law should be passed thats states NO other flag other than the flag of the United States Of America ( good Old Glory) should be displayed in a public display of "patriotism" or "pride" by anyone on American soil." but I am glad that i didn't reply to it because you have later explained in a post what you really meant. When I read the next statement made by popgun: "Here here!!! laugh.gif Take their country flag and their fricken bumper sticker that says I love woopinstien. And ship em back to woopinstien." I got kind of p----- to be honest with you because the only difference between me and him are that he is a US Citizen and I am not. I am a green card holder and we are both living in the US legally and I am paying the same Taxes as him and I am working just as hard as everybody else. I have the same rights but I am not allowed to vote. I know there are issues in this country with illegal immigrants but with the above statement he puts all of us in one category. Legal or not GET OUT! That in my opinion is racist! Sorry if I misunderstand his post by I don't think I do. US Flag or not ...... I am proud of my country and I will keep on flying the German Flag as I see pleased. I agree and will always show my respect to the US flag and I hope I will never have to see someone burning any countries flag because that is just utter disrespect. Thanks,
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