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  1. 85 Squadron would like to wish all of the Tides of War community a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
  2. cam

    No 85 Squadron Recon Film

    Thank you Bob...and a very Happy new year to you too
  3. We are an independent Squadron that flies on IL2 Cliffs of Dover, flying Spitfires and Hurricanes. A truly international group of guys with varying levels of expertise, we have pilots that are very experienced and some that are not. Consequently we offer a training programme that gets people not only into the air...but also to fight the enemy on a level playing field. Our forum is open to all who join the Squadron. Our mission diary is for the use of members who wish to plan their social life so that flying doesn't encroach on their activities. Although we mainly fly on Dangerdogz, we occasionally fly on the TWC mission/campaign server. Interested?? Join us on our own teamspeak to have a chat
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  7. cam

    Recruitment and Training

    85 Recruiting and Training Are you Sure You Want to Join? 85 Squadron does not actively recruit. If you are thinking of joining us then have a look at the “What 85 is about” thread in this forum. If and, please, only if you,having thought about it and can sign up to everything in that document then read on - life is too short to waste time, yours or ours.. Yes I am sure, what do I have to do? If, having read the “What 85 is about”, thought about it and decided you really do want to join us then post a note in this thread or join our Teamspeak. The address is You will be contacted by the Squadron CO who will have a chat with you and, if he decides you might fit in with the team, ask you up to fly a test flight with him. The result of that test flight will be either he judges your skills good enough to become a full member of the Squadron and ready to fly on Operations or he judges that you need further development in the basics and you will be posted to our OTU.. Either way you will join the Squadron’s Pilot Development Plan. Training (the Pilot Development Plan) A core principle in 85 Squadron is that every pilot, no matter how good, can be a better pilot and that every pilot in the squadron has a duty to develop his skills. We will take anyone from the newest person to the game to the most experienced and deadly established pilot, but only of they will sign up to that principle. To that end we have established the Pilot Development Plan. Every pilot is unique and so has unique development needs and priorities. Each and every pilot in the squadron is therefore here or required to identify the areas in which he wishes to develop (e.g. formation, flying, gunnery, navigation, leadership) and agree them, with a review date with the CO. The pilot will then work with the Squadron Training Coordinator as to how those training needs may be best met and agree a plan of action. It is then the pilot’s responsibility to fulfill that plan. On the review date the pilot will again talk to the CO to consider his progress and agree areas for further development and the next review date.
  8. cam

    What 85 Squadron is about

    What 85 Squadron is about Squadron Purpose The Squadron exists for two, mutually supporting purposes: 1. To provide a vehicle for players of Cliffs of Dover to join together and play the game in a supportive group in order to enjoy the camaraderie involved of working together for a common purpose. 2. To provide an effective unit for the Red Team commanders to thwart the wiles of the evil Blue Team. Primarily 85 will be tasked with defending the British Isles, its airfields and industries. That means shooting down German bombers and reconaissance aircraft; dog- fighting and killing enemy fighters, whilst fun and occasionally necessary, is not the Squadron’s job. Squadron Ethos 85’s ethos follows from its purpose and can be summed up in four words: “Fun, Teamwork, Fairness, Professionalism” Fun: Cliffs of Dover is a game and is a vehicle for adding another, much higher, level to that flight simulation. It still remains a game that we play to enjoy and have fun. Teamwork: This overlaps with both fun and professionalism - only by working together as a team will our members maximise their enjoyment and only by working together as a team will they maximise the squadron’s, and their own, effectiveness. Working together is essential, there is no room in 85 for prima donnas who are only interested in racking up personal kills. Fairness: 85 does not believe in fighting fair - sneaking up behind the enemy and killing him before he knows you are there and then buggering off again is, as far as the Squadron is concerned, the Acme of air fighting. However, the squadron will not tolerate cheats, so any computer hacks, bots or cheats, are forbidden and the discovery of the use of any such will result in immediate expulsion. 85 will also not countenance slander, racism, bigotry, profanity of extreme or perverse nature, or any illicit behavior, sign or visible representation in anything that can be connected to the Squadron (e.g. on Teamspeak). Professionalism: Whilst working as a team ourselves we also are part of a larger team. Members are therefore expected to work to develop their own skills as pilots, to fly when on Clod in accordance with the current mission as expressed by “Tophat”, when that station is manned, and to keep in mind the good name and effectiveness of 85. Squadron Organisation As in all effective military organisations, 85 works on the principle of one man one vote - the squadron CO (Cam) is the man and he has the vote. However, as is also the case in all effective military organisations the Boss will want to take into account the views and needs of his people (even Wellington asked his staff for their views). The Squadron Adjutant (responsible for admin), 2/IC, plans and ops, general dogsbody and whipping boy is Hawker. The C.O. is the squadron training co-ordinator. The Squadron does not fly in Vics, and all that other 1940 stuff (fighting area attacks anyone?), but in pairs. The squadron roster shows the pairs that will be formed as a matter of course, but the reality of flying on CloD means that members have to be flexible and are be expected to fly in ad-hoc pairs as needed. Standing Orders There exist, on the closed section of the forum, a set of standing orders which detail how in practical terms the Squadron purpose and ethos are to be carried into practice during missions. All members are expected to comply with those orders whilst flying CloD missions. Squadron Mission Time Cliffs of Dover is up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 85 Sqdn members are encouraged to fly, subject to standing orders about lone-wolfing, as much and as often as they want or can. However, Monday evenings, with a core time of between about 19:30 and 20:00 (UK time), is Squadron Play Time. The time involved is usually about an hour to an hour and a half. All members are expected to attend on Monday evenings (work/family permitting) so that we can fly and fight as a Squadron. Communications Tactical Communications in the air are provided by our own teamspeak which is provided at his own expense by the C.O.. TeamSpeak and 85 pilots are obliged to use this whilst flying on the CloD server. Off-mission the Squadron has its own forum which, as you are reading this you already know, with a closed, password-protected, area for our own chat about methods, tactics, administration, etc.. Members also provide an email address that they do at least regularly monitor. This enables the command team to bring matters that they need members to know to their attention. We also encourage pilots to share their mobile phone numbers so that SMS messages can be sent, though this is not mandatory. Training Please see the separate thread on Recruiting and Training on this forum. Suffice it to say here that 85 Sqdn believes that every pilot can be a better pilot and our members accept that they have a responsibility to make themselves better pilots. However, we also believe that every pilot has different needs at different times. Therefore, rather than running a weekly squadron training session we have instituted the Pilot Development Programme, which focuses on the individual. Conclusion Cliffs of Dover is a game. No. 85 Squadron exists in order that its members get the maximum enjoyment out of the game. Our rules and procedures have only been developed with that aim in mind. If (and please only if) you like our approach and can sign-up to all of the above, then please have a look at the Recruiting and training thread.
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