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kamelotcraft – minecraft grupe

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  • both severs running at the moment are running 1.15.1 and plan to upgrade as fast as spigot put outs updates for the api

  • some pics form around kamelot city on the map more to come soon

  • public sever is up and running in beta mode if any one wants to help[ test it pm me on ts or discord for join info

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kamelot craft is a grupe of minecrafters that build massive city projects like kamelot city on the project hudoria minecraft sever

the crew is currently looking for new members to join the projects all are welcome form all ages
currently theirs 2 creative servers running and a 3rd planed for survival mode coming soon the severs are staffed by fair and kind members of the tow community with kain being the head project manger and sever host at the moment

the main public sever is open to all and the 2ndarry sever is meant for the main crew to work on the public sever is the recruiting sever to find those who are interested in joining and have proven thy can get along with others to help protect the main projects the survival sever is planed to be a hermitcraft type sever were the community works to gather for a goal

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