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What is a KIll/Share/Assist?

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    I have been asked to explain what is needed to get a kill or shared kill or an assisted kill.

    So…..basically, to get a kill, you need to have inflicted 75% or more damage on the enemy aircraft. For a shared kill, you need to inflict between 40% and 75% damage and for an assisted kill, up to 40% damage.

    Please also bear in mind….for those of you who have medals….if you lose your life, you also lose your medals and you have have to earn them all over again. Another point is if you get killed whilst TRAINING, you do not lose your medals.

    Generally, no-one is demoted unless they have not flown for a number of weeks……..or they have done something REALLY bad (such as shooting another member of the Squadron down)I hope that clarifies everything guys


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