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Things To Improve

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I just got my CD yesterday. Nice action sim.

Few thigs that came to mind when I played the different missions

-Submarines start way too close to the convoys. There is not enough time or space to plan a good angle of attack. I?d like to shadow the convoy on surface and wait a good conditions to strike. Now the shelling starts almost immediately and its too late for planning. Instant action.

-Submarines are too powerful. They seem more like diving semi-automatic torpedo rifles. Reload times should be closer to 8-10min for the correct game balance in SP and MP. Now the reload time is something like 2 minutes and destroyers don?t have a chance.

-Do AI submarines ever go under 100 or use silence as a tactic to hide.

-500 range display. Does it show everything in the area. Detectable and undetectable. Sub positions seem to be displayed very accurately. It makes DC assaults too easy.

-There should be some way to select targets directly from the view. If a round group of ships is approaching its hard to tell which is which on the radar screen.

No complaints about the graphics

P.S Mission editor of Random mission generator would be nice.

I'd also like to see a group select feature. eg when assigning orders to a large fleet it would be so much easier to group select all the oilers (for eg) and send them off to safety rather than having to click 4 or 5 times for each craft.

I'm just lazy but this would avoid a tedious few minutes at the start of the larger missions.


Trying to hit destroyers with tops is a nightmare!

Just a question....

How was the accelaration/decellaration of the various ships worked out? It seems to me that it all happens rather too quickly' date=' the surface boats seem to take off like formula 1 cars! and the merchants seem to be able to turn a little too quickly i take it they do not have bow thrusters...

also in a sub, when i cut engines (all stop) i seem to stop very rapidly whereas i would expect to drift for a while making a gentle turn perhaps,

From the looks of it, the sea is a little to viscous when slowing down and not viscous enough then speeding up!

anyone else feel the same?[/quote']

It makes DC assaults too easy.

I wouldn't call the DC assaults 'easy' by any stretch of the imagination. I HATE ASW!!! :evil: [/b]

Although I find it hard to muster any complaint about this game I do agree with Thompsen about the speed issues.

Yesterday I fired four fish at a DD (scope was at 5X) and watched it pull a complete 180 degree turn and sped away like its ass was on fire.

I liken it to trying to hit flying birds with a rock.

i take it they do not have bow thrusters...

ROFL - now that would be a riot.

ya frustrating somewhat? but a 'patchable' issue sureley? i don't think the gameplay would be harmed by more realistic manouvering. I did have a case last night where i fired a topredo spread at a (practically) stationary DD which managed to sprint to 20+ knots in a few seconds so i missed it by a mile! in reality this change of speed would take a lot longer methinks (although i imagine it is difficult to get any data about ships speed reaction time as it is not really an issue!)

Developers comments?

First' date=' great comments.

Subs slowing down - yup, the inertial calculations are a bit lame and so they stop rather too abruptly.

The Merchants - we modelled the actual turning radius of these giants and as close as our current physics system let us get to acceleration/decceleration profiles.

DD's - We initially had them much less agile, boy where we surprised when we went back to the historical videos, accounts from guys who served on DD's etc. The were amazingly spry and had a pretty good acceleration profile when underway. One thing that probably throws you is the fact that the DD's tend to run at 2/3 and will push it to flank when under direct torpedo fire. Corvette's could turn within their own length and DD's could juke and jive pretty well too.

We are working on replacing the current physics model as it doesn't allow us to fully utilize the damage model we are putting in so many of these issues will tie more directly into the ships themselves instead of being structured performances based on research etc. In real life DD's could outrun a torpedo with sufficient warning.

Jeff Herne helped us with the stopping distances and turning radius numbers at speeds for the various warships.

Multi-selecting to give orders is already on our list of upgrades to the Big-Tactical screen. I too hate having to go one by one.

Some missions do start too close to battle. The philosophy behind Enigma is to follow a "cinematic" approach to the game. In single-player especially you start no more than 2 minutes from your impending battle. Things like reload times are also changed to allow a more "hollywood" level of battle without slipping into a full-on arcade shooter.

AI submarines are very difficult to kill precisely because they employ real-life tactics (with some exceptions) in their attack/defense cycles. And while the missions are staged, we almost never script what is going to happen. We give the AI orders and the AI determines how best to carry them out. Some will abandon their orders and come hunt you down, others will stay on convoy duty if that is their assigned order. The submarines will hide well below 100 meters and they utilize silence, depth changes, visibility intervals (the 15 seconds after a DC goes off for example you will usually find them twisting and turning at Flank to change their aspect to you).

If you have your settings on easy, we show exact direction, range, etc. in the visibilty rules. If you have it set on difficult, your speed, direction ,etc. are all factors in your picture of the battle. At 500m with you at flank in a destroyer, you will likely only see the last known positions of a submarine and nothing else. If you are in a sub - same deal...last known positions only because your hydrophone guy can't hear squat at flank.

Some of the reload times, etc. will likely get adjusted as we go forward in the future upgrades to the game. They will never be realistic because we aren't trying to be a ship simulator. We are simulating the experience of being a commander on a boat/ship, staged in a Film style environment. Some of it we pull off well, the rest of it, well...we're working on it.


I agree you should be able to select targets directly from the view.[/quote']

I think you guys got the balance between full realism and arcade spot on. Ok' date=' it might take longer for a sub to coast to a stop in real life, but this is not real life...[/quote']
Oh agreed totally' date=' it's just that sprint and drift is a bloody useful tactic![/quote']
Yes. As I played little more I notised that in some cases I spoke little too soon. :lol:
The one thing that I am having REAL problems with are the torpedoes.

I couldn't hit a ship within spitting distance.

I can't see the torp wake - cos I have to turn off particles (rubbish PC)

What would help would be the ability to see your own torps on the tactical screen. This would aid me greatly in guesstimating the lead required.

It would be unfair however to see incoming torps on the screen.

Your in luck bod as East has said they will support 'software only' -for those that haven't got uber PCs.

I'm (un)fortunate to come from the 'hardware testing ground' called *flight sims* -you want to play flight sims? Well you need to upgrade yearly :roll:

Gave up after IL-2:FB' date='now i upgrade every two years 'cause it's mega cheap *and* owning an AMD based machine saves hundreds of ????$$$$$ over an Intel CPU ;)[/quote']

What would help would be the ability to see your own torps on the tactical screen. This would aid me greatly in guesstimating the lead required.

We were worried that the HUD would get too cluttered if you add torpedoes in too' date=' especially in the large battles. Putting only your torpedoes on is an interesting idea, but with the sweep we use now it may be of limited usefulness.[/quote']

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I already mentioned that the sub turning rate seems way too slow. About torpedoes, I noticed that the depth is adjustable. I set them to 0 and don't have a problem killing escorts. The speed is also adjustable. The way to get around accuracy is to bracket them in by sending the first fish towards one end and continue shooting as you turn toward the other end. In spite of being able to set the torpedoes at a slower speed which gives me range, I get away by waiting until they are 1km away, shoot n' scoot and live to fight another day.

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