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Tow Air Marshal

My Throttle Quadrant

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Although the basic throttle Quadrant is a Saitek (now Logitech) PZ45, I made the box below,,,  






As you can see the construction is using “Meccanno” but I am using Hall Effect ICs for the sensing of the controls.  There are the following:


Pitch Tribe - Large Black Wheel

Rudder Trim - GreyWhell on Top

Aileron Trim - Grey WAheel on the End

Flaps - Grey Lever on End

 - All the above are geared down about 3:1 to make them less sensitive - IE about 3 full rotations for the Pitch trim which is very similar to the real aircraft.  Infact testing within IL2:1946 showed that the pitch movement pretty much matched the graphic wheel movement in the aircraft!

7 x On - Off - On Self Cetering Switches allocated to 

  1. Chocks and Tail Wheel Lock
  2. Dive Brakes and Bomb Bay Doors
  3. Flaps - For those games wher Flaps are no on a lever 
  4. Undercarriage
  5. Fuel Cock and Fuel Selector
  6. Wing Fold And Arrestor Hook
  7. Anything else required....

1 x On - Off - On Latched Switch that then runs through a push button covered switch to

  1. Safe/Arm Bombs and Jettison/Release Bombs - This means you can Set the bombs to Safe and then Releaseing them is effectively a Jettison

2 x Potentiometer sliders

  1. Water Radiator - Inlet Cowl
  2. Oil Radiator - Outlet Cowl


The Circuit board that drive it all is a Leo Bonar BU0836A


All in all most things are placed logically and so fall to hand when needed.  



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