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Tow Air Marshal

Air Head Tracking - A poll

Use of Head Tracking Devices  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Which head tracking device do you use?

    • None - I use the coolie hat on the joystick
    • None - I use the mouse
    • FreeTrack
    • FaceTrack
    • EDTracker
    • TrackIR4
    • TrackIR5
    • Another device that Gos hasn't heard of!!!

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Hi Guys and Girls

Head tracking greatly improves the emmersion when it comes to flight simulator games. The ability to look around naturally really helps with situational awareness.

So I was wondering about how many of us actually use head tracking devbices. So here is a poll to identify the most popular devices we are using or otherwise.



I use a TrackIR4 and I have made my own USB powered InfraRed LED Track Hat.

Please also post if you selected either of the None answers.



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Hey Gos,


I have read something about DelanClip, it looks like a cheap alternative compared with Track IR, the price is 40 pounds for the gamer package and included is a camera, the sensors (3), zip ties and a charger.

They wrote on her website you can use this with every free tracking program. So I have a little question about Track IR, how you place it on the headset? Did you need zip ties as well or is this more a clip?


I realy think about it to buy it because for 50 up to 60 Euros it's not bad, becuse the TrackIR with clip cost in Germany arround 200 Euros and this is a huge diference.


Do you know something about the free program like Free-Track, Open Track or FacetrackNoir?

If they are good I would buy it and leave here some review, but first I want to know something about the free program :)


Thank you very much in advance.

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Ok I saw a video of it and will order it from United Kingdom, I will leave here a review about the "delanclip" when it's arrived, but it takes 5 up to 7 days.

If it's good we can recommend it for everyone here because it's looks like a cheap alternative compared with the TrackIR which costs 150 Euro.

I will keep you guys up to date and if you have free programs which assist the tracking program, please feel free to share it.

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