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general chat Perspective Events and Award System (Member Input Requested)

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(This is a first draft and work in progress, input is welcomed.)


Hello, my name is Mirei and I have been coming around for a bit do to the Air Assassin's and Black Sheep Groups in
War Thunder.


Regretfully I no longer play War Thunder and while I originally planned to run general events as well as a award
system for the groups of a War Thunder alliance I have decided instead to do so for here if allowed. So far there
has been a positive response but I wished to check and see how you all feel as a whole before I go further as well
as answer questions for the members. I will be running this system as a third party/independant contractor format

that way it will be completely optional and the members can do as they wish.

I will not be beginning this project until the start of May do to I need some downtime to recover after
some stresses. But it would not hurt to breach the ideas here and now.
Events =

I plan to run events that can be played in any game a member wishes to as long as they fit the criteria. So if
you want you could play War Thunder, Arma, Fallout, Minecraft, even older games like the Nintendo or a mobile
game. You need not play a single game during them but can mix and match as needed. Just take screenshots.

Some events will be more specific like 'only rts/real time strategy games'. I also am in talks to run possible
events specific to games like accolade hunts for Star Trek Online. I will be going into further detail as
things progress.

People need not participate in events if they do not wish to. You can do the events or not, just have fun.

I also plan to do a award for squads who have the highest turnout of event participation in a six month period.
I am making it squads rather then specific games or air/sea/etc so that it would be more fair.

Ribbon Award System =

Medals will be given out as proof is shown or events are concluded. Proof can be done with screenshots.
The ribbons for the most part can be given out any number of times and until I am able to get a reliable
star system we will just track the number given for the multiples. I am currently working on a system
of stars based off military ribbons.

(Merit Ribbons)
These ribbons have no set criteria. While they can be given out to members of squadrons by a commander
coming and telling me that people deserve them. In addition everything you do event or medal wise gives
a number of points. When members get a certain number of points I will give them the Star. These can
be given out any number of times. The Terranigma Star however is the supreme reward and will not be
given out except under extremely deserving circumstances. Think of it was our Victoria Cross.

Terranigma Star
Bronze Star
Silver Star
Gold Star

(Event Ribbons)
These ribbons will be awarded for participation in a event where you complete the minimum required for
being considered participating. This will vary event to event. Not all events have a win ribbon, but if
you get the win ribbon you will also get the participation ribbon.



(Battle Ribbons)
These ribbons will be awarded once each for showing a screenshot of your participation in one of the following
battles in any game that you can. More Battles will be added in the future.

Battle of Yavin
Battle of Hoth
Battle of Endor

Forum Activity
If a certain amount of forum activity is done by a member which will be defined at a later point during a three
month period they will get this ribbon. The ribbon can be awarded multiple times.



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For screen shotting and thus 'donating' a lore item to our groups 'museum'. Examples are blueprints, named
books, and such from games. Screen shotting a bookcase does not count, I have to see a specific book with
its title. Examples could be named books in Elder Scrolls, or Blueprints in games like 7 Days to Die, even
Holocrons in Star Wars.

For screen shotting and thus 'donating' a Artifact to our groups 'museum'. A artifact can be anything from
magical ones like the Triforce in Zelda to non magic such as the Magna Carta in Fallout 3. While a person
gets credit for the first item say the triforce donated, he or she cannot donate it again for another ribbon.
However others can still donate the same item so that people will not run out of items.

High Score
For defeating the high score in one of the listed games that I will be putting up.


Squad Performance Award
Given out once every six months to everyone in a squad who participated in at least one event if there squad
has the most participation during the six months.


Encounter Ribbon
If a member encounters a specifically listed creature on this list they can get the ribbon if they screenshot
the creature. The ribbon is given with each encounter but once per encounter.
Encounter List: Borg, Chosen (Firefall), Cyberman, Dalek, Geth, Metroid, Mind Flayer, Necron, Tyranid, Vampire,
Werewolf, Xenomorph (Alien), Yautja (Predator), Zerg, Zombie

Star of Creation
Given any number of times for creation of art, fiction, game maps, etc to the organization.

Trivia Win
For winning trivia events.

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