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Tow Air Marshal

IL2:BoS IL2:BoS - Development Progress

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Hi Everyone

Development of IL2:Battle of Stalingrad is moving on a pace.

For those that have bought into the early access the game now allows for multiplayer, the supporting servers are now running 24:7 instead of just the weekend.

This week the Quick Mission Builder was released.

There are currently 4 aircraft available with two more planned very soon. The LaGG3 and the Bf209 are the fighters and the IL2 and Ju87 for bombing. Coming are the Yak1 and a Bf209Gvi believe.

The graphics are stunning and the realism is exceptional. This is probably going to be the leading combat flight simulator of this decade. GoslingToW AM

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Hey.  This is worth a look.  IL2:Battle of Stalingrad is now available on STEAM for those who prefer to download their games.  It is still in Alpha development but you can buy into that and contibute to the developement.  Even at Alpha it is extremely well developed and worth playing. 


Store page of the game is here: http://store.steampo....com/app/307960

Community hub can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/307960




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