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What we are

:ph34r:Tides of War: A Gaming Community "For like minded individuals" (Est. 1999)
A multi-play war gaming community focused on its members. With a driving force of world wide dedicated altruistic gamer's. The games our members follow aren't just played by us, they are crafted, shaped, and influenced by us! Our Communications, Forums, Game Servers, Chat Hosting, and Clan hosting, might be just what your group needs. Contact a Community leader to see how it could support your needs!

by Land


  1. Armored Warfare

    Obsidian Entertainment's tank warfare game. Modern tanks, fast pace in a Cryengine environment.

  2. ToW:Army - Recruiting Station

    Go Army!
    ~ Recruiting~

  3. ToW Army Talk

    GI Joe Army Speak
    Talk about Army type games, request a Server, Start a battalion, squad or unit.
    Open discussion area for Land Action Games.

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  5. 1
  6. BattleField Series

    Battlefield a first-person shooter with land, sea, and air vehicles where two teams compete over key points on the map. The action is fast-paced, and while realistic weapons and locations are featured, fun always takes precedence over simulation.


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