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[Fleet] Southland HQ

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Headquarters for the Southland Federation fleet. For easy access to this area please go to www.sto-southland.com


  1. Want to join Southland?   (1,794 visits to this link)

    If you're looking to join Southland, use this forum to be redirected to a introduction page.

  2. Information & Announcements

    Southland Fleet wide communications and information will be posted here.
    Forum Manager: 9e9b241eb0.pngHead of Communications

  3. Game Guides & Advice

    Southland - This forum is for helpful STO guides, and also a place where you can ask questions or for advice.
    Forum Manager: 9e9b241eb0.pngHead of Intelligence

  4. Game & Fleet Events

    Find out about the upcoming game and fleet events here! If it's happening, you'll find out here.
    Forum Manager: 9e9b241eb0.pngHead of Mission Control

  5. Personnel Introductions

    New to the Southland fleet? Or a revived member? Post an introduction so people know a bit more about you.
    Forum Manager: 9e9b241eb0.pngHead of Human Resources

  6. General Discussion

    Southland - This board is for pretty much anything and everything. Use it to talk about whatever you desire.
    Forum Manager: 9e9b241eb0.pngStaff Officers

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