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Down Time

18 May 2014
Our front page was down for several days. We have it back up and working. We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused.

Star Citizen - Over 37 Million $ Raised

25 Jan 2014
Star Citizen is a New High Tech Space Game current under development by RSI. Tides of War, the ToW Club, and various Battle Groups home to Tides of War are all planning a big push into this new game when it is launched. You can experience part of the game play now.. read more about this exciting new game in our "bySpace" section.

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      05 Oct
    ToW Raver

    Feeling good, gone all weekend and come back to find one of my Firefall members to be taking charge recruitting! up to 21 members in ToW Firefall!

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Tides of War Welcome

Tides of War is a War Gamers Community Site for Multiplayer Internet Games.

Our primary focus is on YOU!
Our goal is to make Tides of War your online home for war games. The games our members follow aren't just played by us, they are crafted, shaped, and influenced by our members! One of Tides of War primary game coverages is Enigma: Rising Tide, a naval game by Tesseractions Games, but we don't just stop there.
We have areas for : Land, Sea, Air, Space and Fantasy war games. We cover what our members want, not every game on the market.
Our PRIDE at Tides is our Communities. We help clubs, clans, battle groups, etc to build a community tailored for their specific needs.
Through our parent company, Tides of War offers our members and clubs various services such as:
TeamSpeak Servers, Jabber Server, Game Shops, Game Hosting, Web Site Hosting and Forum Hosting.
Our communities can enhance and make your gaming experience one of... participation!
Tides of War: "Read it, Live it, Play it!"

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