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Hey Guys

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Hey guys,how you doing ?

im doing ok atm,BD (my squad) is going well,apart from all the old Air Assassins pilots we are starting to get new pilots come into it to,we are turning up at least 8-11 a week and we are starting to win better squads,last week we beat USHA ,and in the 4 squad league we come somewhere like 9th out of 11 squads,with a very high ratio of 118,beating WASP (Raven) and OA ,then there was a 2 squad equal power league where we managed to come 10th out of 11th,but not last which is good,but now its KTF,and we are stronger than ever,after the first game we are standing at 3rd place with 136 points after a outstanding win over USHA as i mentioned.

Here is the current leaderboard

TIGERS - 147

TKFM - 145

BD - 136

USHA - 112


OE - 45

THORN - 35

BBC - 29

If anyone would like to guest pilot with us,if you still play this game,feel free to pm me,my username is Boza1122


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