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Anyone still around?
Yep. Did some housekeeping on the website and server. Had some downtime that was unexpected but seems to be ok now.
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I'm still around just busy with real life stuff at the moment. Will try to get back into the swing of things this week or next.
Whose got two thumbs and is in his first round of classes for his Bachelor's in Finance?
This guy!
just type in    tow    for the address and give yourself a nic... that is all ya need. If you want the official addres its  ... either one works :)

See ya soon!

hey can ya send me the teamspeak server info, im trying  to get on it, it keeps failing

Welcome to 85 Sqn and I am around to help with anything you may need. Don’t hesitate to ask. 


ToW Air Marshal

At the moment my STO launcher is not allowing itself to patch and launch into the game. Therefore, for the time being, I will be unable to log in and check on ToW2. However, that being said, I will still be on team-speak while I find a way to correct the error.

Feeling great since surgery, Currently working on getting the Colony World Upgraded in STO ToW2!

Cheers!  Happy Happy ... 4 U

Been feeling really sickly lately. Should be on ToW Chat soon again though!

Tow Air Marshal
Tow Air Marshal
I feel for you - I am also just getting over a cold.  Not helped by cold weather and hot air conditioning...!!!

Getting well again.. hope to return to work by end of month

Co Rikku
Co Rikku
If you are well enough sir I am curious of a question. I would like to quiet down my presence until I am called upon. my name does not do me justice in this regard. May I have the permission to change it, I realize I posted before asking. I am new to asking first. i am sorry for this. I do know to be a great leader you have to follow in order to lead. this is why I take a step back now.