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  • Tow Air Marshal
    Tow Air Marshal

    360th Fighter Squadron Operational in DCS

      Game: DCS

    360th Fighter Squadron are proud to announce “Operational” status in Digital Combat Simulator. 


    With 9 pilots currently operating, another 2 under training and another 3 awaiting transfer (Buying DCS) and soon to start training.  


    The current line up is:

    • Commanding Officer - Whitey - PI-W
    • Executive Officer - UnionJak - PI-U
    • Operations Officer - Gosling - PI-D
    • Pilot - Daduck - PI-D
    • Pilot - Lobo - PI-L
    • Pilot - Perquod - PI-P
    • Pilot - Snake - PI-N
    • Pilot - Sluggo - PI-S
    • Pilot - Stele - PI-E
    • Pilot Under Trng - Rusty - PI-B
    • Pilot Under Trng - Infidel - PI-H
    • Awaiting Transfer - Roozter - PI-R
    • Awaiting Transfer - Stick - PI-T
    • Awaiting Transfer - Mr26 - PI-M


    360th fly the P-51D on servers running the Normandy Map.  When possible they operate from their “Home Plate” of RAF Needs Oar Point in England, crossing the channel to escort the B17 raids.  They are very much about teamwork and looking out for each other in a fight.

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