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    U-boot update

    Game: All Sea
    Christmas Update!
    DECEMBER 23 - NIHILCAT Good evening everyone!

    It's nice to be back here with a regular update again. Furthermore, the time to sum up a whole year has come.

    The last period was the same as usual a hard-working, it's probably our lifestyle already  We tried to do as much as possible to get to the moment that we will only be refining the details. Do not count your chickens before they hatch, but we think we have implemented all we planned. The last ones were shooting, implementing types of ammunition, more precise damage mechanisms and macro management. We tried to refine all elements as accurately as we were able to. We were watching other productions, collecting materials, reading them, watching them, trying to draw the right conclusions. Have we succeeded? You will judge.

    Not everything is closed, it must wait for its time and constantly evolve together with our knowledge. In the new year we will mainly polish the game, add more ships, graphics, sounds, voices, texts, icons and other minor elements. Furthermore, we will be involved in the production of the campaign. That's real final part.

    But now let's get to the summary of recent works.

      Guns We've fully implemented both manual and automatic modes for all types of guns on the boat. All guns have different types of available ammunition that we tried to model in a historically accurate way.

    88 mm shells

      Storages U-boat now has a fully functional storages for items that you can load at ports, loot from freighters etc. You have to wisely manage the available space as these items are often very important for your boat functioning or are just valuable in some ways. We have a very long list of items in the game, but to give you an idea of what kind of items are out there, there comes a short list: Food: bread, meats, vegetables etc. Ammunition Replacement parts Enemy technologies Mission equipment: hand guns, weather stations, deep diving suits etc. Potassium absorbers

      Brig It's now possible to rescue and capture enemy pilots or crew in addition to arresting your crew mates for their misbehaviours. You can either keep the prisoners under guard in Battery Room No. 1 or let them freely roam your boat.

    You can drop your prisoners in ports for some budget and prestige points.

      Damage We've introduced numerous improvements to our damage system in this update.

    - Most enemy vessels can now be broken in half, if they are badly damaged into a weak spots on their hulls.

    - Hull holes are now fully 3D and reveal ship's internal structure.

    - Water gushes from explosions were made from the scratch again to follow your feedback. They are far better than they used to be.

    - Torpedo fuzes were fixed back again. You won't be able to damage targets in a close proximity to your ship.

    Broken hull

    Torpedo impacts

    Hole in a hull
      Headquarters This is a major change for the gameplay and it's rather a good one. From now on all officers on your boat, including a skipper, can be promoted to field officer ranks (Stabsoffizier) and work at Kriegsmarine headquarters. You will get your first field officer after finishing the first story mission and can gain more of them by spending prestige points.

    You can communicate with the headquarters by using onboard radio as long as you are in your currently built transmitters range. After establishing a communication you can assign jobs to your men out there.

    - They can start and oversee missions for your u-boat. It's now the only way to start missions in the game as this explains well how you are free to choose missions for yourself.

    - They may work on tasks directly supporting your war effort in addition to providing something useful for your boat. This includes building new submarine pens, decrypting enemy codes, researching new technologies etc.

    Headquarters scene

    In addition to your field officers there is also the rest of the admiralty represented by Admiral Dönitz. Admiralty chooses work for themselves independently from you and they push forward historical evolution of the world independently from your added impact (which is configurable to satisfy pure simulationists too).

    Großadmiral Dönitz

      Physics Ship physics were criticized in your feedback to the last update and we tried to do something about that. As of now, our physics system for ships has been completely rewritten and uses neural networks to approximate many factors that normally were too expensive to compute or would require too much toying around with simplified colliders. In addition to more realistic boat visual behaviour, this new method has a better performance and ensures historically accurate diving and acceleration times.

    This means that from now on it's no longer that easy for your enemies to dodge torpedoes, so even if they spot you or your torpedo it's often too late for them to do anything with this. Not all our ships use updated physics, so on the video you can be sure to see it in action just on the u-boat.

    Also, it's very tweakable so if you don't like something about it, we will probably be able to fix this. As a matter of fact we recorded hours of footage with different settings and made a voting in our team to choose a preset that looks most convincing in our opinion.

      Radio Our radio communications were massively upgraded. After selecting one of your radio operators you will see a list of transmissions reaching your boat. Usually these last for a limited time, so you have to hurry, if you want to receive them. Some transmissions are encoded, some are not. If it's not Enigma nor a broken Allied code then at best you will be able just to track its location with a direction finder.

    In addition to messages, radio can now be used to communicate with your headquarters and to listen to radio stations from many cities around the world to boost morale recovery.

      Airplanes Aircrafts in our game are now fully functional although we still don't have final models for them  Planes should approach your boat realistically and drop their bombs with a correct horizontal acceleration.

    Sometimes they may flood their engines, if they get too close to water when dropping bombs. It's intentional and not a bug as this was happening historically at times and we tried to model this in our game too.


    Kirov-class cruiser

    N3-S-A1 freighter

    Illustrious-class aircraft carrier
      Future Besides all of these additions to the game we were mostly working on fixes and necessary improvements to existing stuff that felt raw and that probably took us most time since the last update. This trend will now continue and we (probably?) won't add anything new to the game from now on and focus on fixing stuff.

    Improved living quarters

    Having this in mind, it's probably our last big content update, but you will hear from us more as we will be sure to keep you updated.

    We don't feel confident enough to give you any reasonably accurate estimate how much time this remaining work is going to take, so for now we will still have to stick to the "2018" release date. We feel that it's good for all of us as with our relatively small team size, we can't reliably predict how much time this work is going to take. Usually there is just one unreplaceable person for each task and if delays happen it's just how it is.

    PS many thanks for the feedback since the last update. If you feel that we should improve some area of the game feel free to speak openly in the comments section as we literally read all comments. We are aware of some things that need to be improved, but we lack the perspective and distance that only you can put into our further considerations. Thanks!
        Thank you for your continued support!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Deep Water Studio
    Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/494840/announcements/detail/1595829206537023427

    Battle Stations - Revamp....

    Game: All
    Ladies and Gentlemen
    You’ll all be aware that Tidesofwar has been going through a long (and behind the scenes, torturous) rebuild....  Well the “Battle Stations” area has now been completed an is “Ready for Inspection”.  
    Please take the chance to look around and contribute to its improvement.  
    Any feedback then please PM anyone of the Staff...  Many thanks.  

    IL2:Cliffs of Dover - BLITZ

    Game: IL2:CloD
    The promised and long awaited upgrade to IL2”CloD is HERE!!!
    Team Fusion has spent the past several years improving and fixing issues in the original Cliffs of Dover since it's initial release. Their work has greatly improved performance and fixed serious issues. Earlier this year, 1CGS gave the source code to TFS allowing them to further improve the title. Their work is now officially a commercial product and no longer just a mod. Below is some of what is included in BLITZ.

    Existing owners may update for free. But:
    Additional New Aircraft Variants:
    Bf-109 E-1B (Early Fighter-Bomber) Bf-109 E-4N (DB601N engine and 100 octane fuel) Bf-109 E-4/E-4B and E-4N versions with added armor for fuel tank and pilot Bf-110 C-2 Bf-110 C-4_Late Bf-110 C-4B  (Early Fighter-Bomber) Bf-110 C-4N  (DB601P engines with 100 octane fuel) Bf-110 C-4NJG (Nightfighter) Bf-110 C-6  (Heavy 30mm Cannon armed version) Blenheim Mk.IV_Late  (twin gun rear turret and extra bomb-load) Blenheim Mk.IV F   (Heavy Day-Fighter) Blenheim Mk.IV F_Late  (Twin gun rear turret and extra bomb-load) Blenheim Mk.IV NF (Night-Fighter) Blenheim Mk.IV NF_Late  (twin gun rear turret and extra bomb-load) Spitfire Mk.I 100 octane Hurricane DH-520-100 octane Hurricane Mk.I NF (Night-Fighter) Hurricane Mk.I FB  (Fighter-Bomber) Beaufighter Mk.I F Beaufighter Mk.I NF  (Night-Fighter) DH-82A-1 (Field Mod armed Tiger Moth) DH-82A-2 (Czechoslovakian armed Tiger Moth) DH-82A (Battle of Britain Tiger Moth version with bomb carrying capacity) Non-flyable:
    Sunderland added bomb capacity Blenheim Mk.IF (Heavy Day-Fighter) Blenheim Mk.INF (Night-Fighter)

    WT Release French VB10

    Game: WT
    In War Thunder, the VB.10-02 is a fighter in the French aviation research tree at Rank IV. Like its real-world counterpart, it transitions the player from piston engine machines into the jet era. 
    The VB.10-02 is a deceptive plane; it looks lighter and more lightly armed than it is. It is also one of the stranger looking aircraft in the game (in some ways resembling the American Bell P-63 Kingcobra), but still a deadly, capable fighter. 
    At Rank IV, the VB.10-02 is one of the most destructive and heavily armed fighters you can pilot, armed with four 20mm cannons alongside six .50 caliber heavy machine guns. Even a short burst from such a fearsome array of weapons is enough to severely cripple or destroy any aircraft the VB.10 is likely to meet in battle. 
    Such destructive potential still brings drawbacks, however. Like most heavy fighters, the aircraft’s enormous size and weight of the on board weaponry and dual engines make it slower and less maneuverable than other aircraft. 
    Source: War Thunder Website

    P-51D Campaign

    Game: All
    P-51D Mustang: Charnwood Campaign Available
    Created by the same team behind the Spitfire LF Mk.IX: Epsom Campaign, the Charnwood Campaign is a historically-based campaign for the P-51D Mustang over Normandy in July 1944. The Charnwood campaign reproduces P-51D missions flown in support of the allied breakout of Normandy and the eventual capture of Caen. Given the Mustang’s combination of air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities (bombs and rockets), this campaign offers a wealth of mission types and challenges. Each mission is based on real missions, down to the weather, mission times, squadrons, mission tasks, and allied and axis locations.
    Key Features:
    12 historic missions taken from detailed accounts of Operation Charnwood Detailed briefing and briefing images, including separate PDF mission files Unique kneeboard graphics for each mission Hundreds of specially recorded voice-over messages to recreate the actual callsigns and accents A wide array of missions included armed reconnaissance, rail interdiction, and ground attack Takes advantage of new AI features like Flak avoidance, authentic formations, and improve artificial intelligence for air and ground units  
    Source: DCS Website

    Rise of Flight to become Flying Circus

    Game: RoF
    News from IL2:
    Flying Circus – Volume I
    Flying Circus will finally give our loyal and patient Rise of Flight customers a new way forward into the future! Our eventual goal is to essentially re-build ROF inside of the Sturmovik universe and give WWI all the latest technology like VR, 64bit, DX11 and improved visuals. We will start by focusing on re-furbishing ten of our existing WWI airplanes and providing a partial map of France to fly and fight over. Subsequent Flying Circus products will further expand content and we’ll work to integrate Flying Circus into our Campaign and Career systems over time. Volume I is merely the first important step and it will be a lot of fun! If Flying Circus proves popular we can eventually fire up the Great War assembly line and break out the canvas and timber once again to make some new crates! Guynmere, Fonck, Coppens, McCudden, Bishop, Rickenbacker and von Richtofen shall fly again 100 years later! 

    Planned to be Included in Flying Circus – Volume I
    Flyable Aircraft and Content (Tentative List):
    - SPAD 13 C.1
    - Sopwith Dolphin
    - Sopwith Camel
    - RAF S.E.5a
    - Bristol Fighter
    - Albatros D.Va
    - Fokker Dr.1
    - Fokker DVII
    - Pfalz D.IIIa
    - Halberstadt CL.II
    - France map (100 x 100km Approx.)
    - Several airfields, cities, towns and villages. Summer textures are planned
    - No Man’s Land
    - Entente and Central Powers Ground Units and Scenery.
    Pre-Orders for Flying Circus will be available sometime first half of 2018.
    Source: Il2 Sturmovik Forum

    WoW:Allied Races

    Game: All
    Experience Azeroth as one of Battle for Azeroth’s new six playable Allied Races. Earn the respect of the Nightborne, Lightforged draenei, and other noble allies, and you’ll unlock the ability to create new prestige characters of that race.
    Once an Allied Race is recruited, you can rediscover Azeroth through a revamped leveling experience featuring zones that scale as your character grows in power. Create a new character and complete the full leveling experience to earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set—a lasting symbol of your dedication.
    Source:World of Warcraft

    What Sea games do you play?

    Game: All Sea
    There are many Naval games out there.  Times have moved on from the Enigma:Rising Tide and Deepolis games but ther are so many out there to enjoy.  We have players playing Naval Action and World of Warships, but what games are you into?
    New on the Block are the likes of Naval Carrier and Black Wake, Hold Fast and Cold Waters.  
    Take the opportunity an let us know what you are playing and maybe what era you enjoy?  Napolionic, WWII or Modern, it’s all good....

    VBF-12 Celebrate 13th Anniversary

    Game: IL2:BoX
    It’s been 13 years since our affiliated squadron, VBF12 , formed.  Back at the start they were flying IL2:Pacific Fighters.  They are still playing the IL2 series today and w see 9 of the Squadron operating together in these pictures.  
    Running up to temperaature on the Flightline are: Whitey(78), Unionjak(75), Daduck(70), Gosling(71), Stick(95), Snake(9), Roozter(69), Lobo(), Pequod(73)....

    Nicely in formation enroute to the target...

    Turning over the mountains of the Caucuses in formation.  

    Pequod climbs away from finishing off the artillary position
    VBF-12 is looking forward to another great year with both DCS and IL2:Battle of Stalingrad series expanding.  
    TIdes of War would like to congratulate VBF-12 on this anniversary....  and all the best for many more years to come
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