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    Combat: Barrel Roll

    Tow Air Marshal
    • Game: All Air

    The Barrel Roll is an essential combat manoeuvre allowing you to progress horizontally through the air more slowly that an aircraft flying straight and level at the same speed. 

    Filmed within DCS World:P51D this demonstration of a Barrel Roll applies throughput all Flight simulators.

    Training Movies by Requiem. Subscribe for more.


    A wide enough barell roll will even allow you to remain behind a target and maintain a higher airspeed. You can also use a barrel roll away from a turning target to avoid an overshoot.

    Al alternative to judging the barrel roll is to pick a point on the distant horizon on your wing tip. Pitch and roll to face it when inverted and then pick a point on the same wing and pitch and roll to return to level flight facing this second point. You will roll out on the same heading as you started but will be displaced to one side of your original track.

    Edited by Tow Air Marshal

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