Q’s Winter Wonderland!


The seasonal favorite from years past is returning once more to Star Trek Online! Q proudly invites personnel of all ranks, allegiances, species, cosmological variances, and molecular stabilities (or lack thereof) to ring in the holiday season, and visit his Winter Wonderland for fun, frivolity, and prizes!

Participate in your choice of Winter Wonderland Activities to work your way toward obtaining the fabulous new Tier 6 Starship, the Fek’ihri Byr’Jai Interceptor! This ship was revealed earlier this year in a Ten Forward Weekly stream, where your suggestions were taken into account to build its stats!

Like last year, this year’s festivities will be integrated into our recently released Event Interface, as part of your Mission Journal. This means that, just like last year: Daily Progress toward earning your new starship can be obtained by participating in any of the following activities:

Fastest Game on Ice
Klingon Ice Fishing
Tides of Ice
The Fast and the Flurrious
Cones of Conduct
The Kramp’Ihri

The first completion of any of the above activities will fulfill your Daily Requirement for your entire account, allowing you to pick and choose how you earn your way to a new starship. Play whichever activity you enjoy most, or change it up each day for greater variety!

The Event System will also offer instant and immediate access to visit the Winter Wonderland from most non-combat maps in the game, simply by pressing the “Transwarp” button on the Event interface. You don’t even have to talk to Q to get there – he’s allowed us to bring the Wonderland to YOU.

Each of the above activities, as well as others you can participate in during the Winter Event, will still reward you with the various Holiday Ornaments which can be used in different denominations to purchase yourself a variety of rewards from years past, as well as a number of new additions that will arrive with the re-launch of the Event this year!

New Breen Space Set

When you collect winter ornaments this year, they can used to unlock a brand new Breen Space Set that you can take with you outside of the Winter Event. There are three Cryonic items in this set: an Omni-Directional Cryonic Beam Array, a Cryonic Torpedo Launcher and Universal Console: The Breen Cryonic Module. Equipping two or all three frosty items unlocks special set bonuses. The set bonuses have powers that overcharge Cold-based weapons and knocks certain subsystems offline. The Three-Set bonus power called Cryonic Blackout is an AOE centered on your Starship that inflicts cold damage and disables your Foe a period of time.

Breen Omni-Directional Cold Beam Array:

  • Delivers a 360 spread of Cold Damage Beam
  • 2.5% chance to causes both Shields and Engines to go offline for a period of time

Breen Cold Torpedo Weapon:

  • This is a supercooled torpedo that delivers Cold Damage
  • Provides a 20% chance both Shields and Engines go offline for a period of time

Console – Universal – Breen Cryonic Module

  • Passively gives a Drain Expertise bonus
  • Passively gives an Axillary Power Setting bonus
  • Causes a 2Km AOE Cold Damage Explosion when a Foe’s subsystem is offline
  • 2-Set Slotted Bonus:
    • 10% increased Cold Damage
    • 2.5% Chance to Hold nearby foes for a period of time when Cold Damage is delivered
  • 3-Set Slotted Bonus:
    • 18% increased Cold Damage
    • 5% Chance to Hold nearby foes for a period of time when Cold Damage is delivered
    • Can activate “Cryonic Blackout”, which causes a 4Km AOE centered on the Player’s Starship to deliver Cold Damage and Disabling the Foe for a period of time

New Winter Event Weapon: The Red Riker

Unlock a classic-styled BB-rifle to use in the Winter Event: The Red Riker! This beautiful, wood-polished rifle has Riker’s insignia on it. If you think about shooting your eye out, think again—try out the secondary attack and see what happens! It is quite a nice weapon to control any snowy situation, since the rifle’s BBs can disable your snowy enemies for different times depending on which firing mode you use. Should be helpful when there’s Assimilated Snowmen coming down all four lanes! We are quite certain this will be your Number One gun.

New Winter Event Hats

Looking for additional winterization? Whether you are Starfleet, Klingon or Romulan, we have your off-duty knitted hats ready to wear so you can show how stylish you are in these cold times. Don’t miss out on a warmer experience.

Q’s Winter Wonderland will be live on all platforms from December 6th at 8am PT to January 5th at 10am PT!

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