Star Citizen IAE 2952: How to play Star Citizen for free during Intergalactic Aerospace Expo


Players have been eager to finally get their hands on the full capabilities of Star Citizen for almost a decade. Ever since the space exploration MMO was announced back in 2012, prospective travelers marveled at the scale that Star Citizen promised.

The full game release has been delayed multiple times, but developer Cloud Imperium Games has released modules that promise what the game will ultimately be.

This has allowed Star Citizen to build a massive fan following in anticipation of the game’s release… whenever that will be.

Star Citizen IAE 2952 gives a free peek

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) is a yearly exhibition that allows players to scope out new ships from the many manufacturers in Star Citizen.

This year, IAE 2952 (the in-game year of the event) will be hosted by Drake Interplanetary, who will be featuring two of their new ships, the 2952 Corsair and the Drake Cutter.

While these in-game ships cost real-world money, this year’s event is giving a discount to prospective buyers.

How do you play Star Citizen for free?

From November 18 to November 30, prospective players will be able to download and play Star Citizen for free. All you have to do is go to the official Star Citizen website, create an account, and download the game!

All players, including those new members, will also be able to test-fly over 120 ships during the IAE 2952 event and take a tour of all the different manufacturer’s newest ships.

The event will include other features throughout the 13-day event, including a Ship Showdown competition, presentations from manufacturers, and new ship reveals.l

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