Save 30% on a Lifetime Subscription!

Earlier this year, Starfleet Engineers, in conjunction with the finest minds in singularity technology of the Romulan Republic, finally made a breakthrough in investigating the incursions from the Galaxy of Great Sales, which occasionally merges with our own to set off the anomaly known as the “Flash Sale.” This allowed Star Trek Online to put together three great sales during the Earth event known as Black Friday, but during the Intra-galactic Winter Holiday Celebrations, we’re putting together five sales!

It’s only a few weeks now until we celebrate our tenth anniversary, and to thank you for a lifetime of memories, we’re putting on a lifetime of a sale. Save 30% on a Lifetime Subscription from December 25th at 10am PT to December 28th at 10am PT. Get your hands on a galaxy of exclusives, including exclusive ships, playable races, and more!

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