War on the Sea: Patch for Campaign Bugs

This is a silent fix as it only contains text data file changes, the version number still reads 1.08g7h2 for this build.

MODDERS; you will only need to update/integrate the modified text data files if applicable.

This fix addresses several campaign navigation errors that could cause the campaign timer to fail, resulting in;
– aircraft endurance and launch timers not counting down correctly
– contacts not being updated on the map correctly

Need to call out community member skwabie here and give them a big thanks!!
We’d been tracking this issue for a long time now and their reporting and breakdown of the cause was instrumental in getting it fixed.

Files changed:

mapLandLocations.txt corrected positions of buka, newgeorgia, santaisabel so as not to be on land

seaWaypoints.txt corrected positions of buka, newgeorgia, santaisabel so as not to be on land and improved connections between several waypoints and added new waypoint SPac9

default/campaign/campaign001/ (only campaign001 is modified)
sea_navigation_aid.txt modified pathfinding to hoskins to enable spawned task forces from the east or west to correctly navigate to this location

For reference, other threads relating to the bugs this update fixes:

Original Credit Post: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1280780/view/3410940946596985013

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